Launching UDRP cases is not without risk to the complainants - some aggrieved domain name owners resort to seeking damages through the court system.

A Belgium maker of ultrasound equipment paid $50,000 to settle a lawsuit stemming from a frivolous UDRP that it filed..


October 2014:

Brussels company SDT International Limited represented by Novagraaf Belgium NV/SA, filed a UDRP case against Telepathy, Inc. of Washington DC, USA represented by Wiley Rein LLP, United States over the domain name
WIPO case D2014-1870


November 2014:

Domain investor Nat Cohen’s Telepathy, Inc filed a federal lawsuit against SDT INTERNATIONAL of Brussels, Belgium, over the domain name

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Nat Cohen’s Telepathy Files Federal Lawsuit Over The Domain

Panel Decides To “Terminate” UDRP On Telepathy’s W/Fed Case Pending + 1 Vote RDNH

Nat Cohen’s Telepathy Settles Federal Lawsuit On Getting a $50K Settlement

$50,000 penalty for filing a frivolous UDRP!


November 2016:

Nat Cohen’s Telepathy sued Seattle company Parametric Portfolio Associates, LLC for reverse domain name hijacking involving the domain name The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, so the actual settlement figure is not publicly known.

Nat Cohen’s Telepathy sues for reverse domain name hijacking

Listen to the “Defending your domain names against frivolous UDRP claims”  interview with Nat Cohen of Telepathy podcast


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